Best Mini MIDI Keyboard Controller in 2020


A Mini MIDI keyboard controller is what the mouse might be meant to your computer. Sounds like an overstretch? Well, let me explain why so. Like the mouse, it lets you control other features and let you have better control. Musical Instrument Digital Interface is also known as MIDI to music enthusiasts of modern times. Midi is an amazing technology that can be used for various different purposes and makes your workflow really faster.

It particularly helps you to create a small home studio of your own. Just connect the midi keyboard controller to your computer and get ready to produce the next top chart blaster. You can do recorded sound editing with laptops, revising and polishing notes and so much more can be done with this mini tool. You will be opening quite a lot of opportunities for yourself by getting the midi keyboard controller. Here is some of the handpicked and best mini midi keyboard controller out there you can proceed to buy.

1.M-Audio Oxygen 25 4G USB Mini MIDI Keyboard Controller


If you have just made up your mind that you are going to buy a small mini keyboard controller then you are a complete beginner right now. a beginner is generally clueless about what to buy or what to expect. At this stage, you can go for a slightly cheaper keyboard. It will allow you to explore with the keyboard with spending less money.

Although it has a not easy for beginner customization of the DAW,  Oxygen 25 has transport control which allows pressing, stop or play without reaching the mouse. The rotary knobs and drums pads are of high quality. The pads are soft, rubbery and comfortable which shows that it is not cheap at all.


  • Seamless playing experience without reaching for the mouse
  • Drums pad lights up if it is pressed
  • The keys are well responsive to touch
  • Velocity settings can be changed to match your style as you might want to
  • There are lots of room for your fingers to be played around freely


  • Its a bit heavy for just a 25 key controller
  • If you want to Customize the DAW, it is not easy if you don’t have any previous experience



2.Akai MPK MK2 USB Mini Midi Keyboard Controller


Getting a good quality MIDI controller is every beginner music producers’ dream. The Akai MPK Mini MK2 USB MIDI Controller can be just the thing they need the journey. The combination of keyboard and drum pad is something to look forward to as this makes the production and synthesizing different tunes pretty seamless.

The controller is quite compatible with iOS, Mac or windows and this is certainly a plus. The signature features of the keyboard are amazing.  The red joystick is a 360 degree that allows you to control pitch with side by side or up-down movements. The keyboard is not just for the piano key it also allows different levels of swing and soft pads are smooth and responsive. 8 mappable knobs allow getting full control over the keyboard.


  • The entire unit of the keyboard can be programmed according to the user’s preference.
  • The knobs can be used for synth control, accessibility, reverb or delay
  • The perfect keyboard for beginners with so many features
  • The price isn’t too much for the musicians who are just having the hang of it
  • You wouldn’t be needing any power supplies to run it
  • No need for installation of other software


  • The knobs are smaller than others
  • It does not have an internal fan which may cause overheating


3.Novation Launchkey 25 MK2 USB MIDI Keyboard


Novation has been in the music industry since 1992. They have teamed up with Ableton to make the best quality keyboard. You will get an instruction guide with a keyboard that says to download Ableton Lite to start making music right.

The keyboard has circular dials, controlling the pitch and modulation.8 knobs and below that, 16 pads are there that can be assigned to trigger clips of music.  The bottom and sides of the keyboard are green color and light in weight.




  • The keyboard has velocity-sensitive keys and pads
  • The keys are  full size and it is comfortable to touch
  • Quite affordable for beginners
  • You don’t need to use the mouse to switch from one track to another
  • It is quite easy to navigate even if you have no experience at all


  • Changes made in the keyboard are saved in the session file, not in the controller. So you have to change the settings every time you are working on a new project


4.ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 Keywave Mini Midi Keyboard Controller


The keyboard design is extremely sleek that will make you fall in love. The software integration of hardware and software is so seamless and beautiful. The product is manufactured in Ireland, so expect it to be of high quality. It has five dimensions of touch Strike, Press, Lift, Slide, and Glide which is more expressive than modulation wheel.

You can start it in piano mode and then explore it as it is versatile. It does not need cables which make it wireless and fabulous. It is bundled with equator which is world’s first multi-dimensional software synthesizer




  • The equator of the keyboard is fun for the users to explore
  • Thin but heavy design that is comfortable to keep even in the lap
  • The wireless feature makes the room look less messy
  • It has a pleasant and aesthetic design which is really eyeing pleasing
  • You have a wider range of options to choose from when working around any sound


  • The black finish attracts too much dust


5.M-Audio Keystation 32 Mini Midi Keyboard Controller


This keyboard is something that you do not need to sacrifice quality for a bargain. This is the ultimate choice for both beginners and advanced level musicians. Your dream of a little home studio will come true with this keyboard. If you are someone who travels a lot can take this keyboard as their best friend. You can be able to make music on the go keeping it on your lap.

32 mini keys and incredibly compact keyboard makes a mobile studio. You can customize keyboard sensibility according to your style and preference. Four assignable control can control your performance. Pitch bend, sustain and the modulation is a blessing for your performance and certainly one of the best small midi keyboard Controller.


  • The design is portable and feels great to work with it
  • Selectable velocity curves to easily change things to match your style
  • The velocity responses amazingly
  • You are getting way more keys with it than any other small midi keyboard controller


  • It does not work with Android devices


6.AKAI Professional LPK25


To rule the music you just need the right keys. It will make you interested in creating sounds and rhythm. The AKAI Professional LPK25 keyboard is something that will be handy for beginners. It will not make you broke for your passion. Its octave up and down button will help you get the music right and mesmeric.

The keyboard has arpeggiator which sends MIDI data and this can be toggled on and off. The number of taps you need to set the tempo can be changed through software. It has four programmable memory banks so that it can instantly recall the previous record. Octave up and down buttons and a sustain button


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Octave has a shift button that is convenient for the user
  • ARP feature is fun for musicians and easy to pick
  • The keys aren’t complicated at all and that makes it one of the best budget mini keyboard controller in this price range


  • The keys are too light which will take a bit of time to get used to
  • USB connection port in the keyboard is not of good quality


7.M-Audio Axiom AIR


If 25 keys are too small for you then try the better version with 32 keys. It is a little bit bigger but still, you can accommodate a place in your home studio as the making of the key has a space-saving style.  It is bigger but it can fit into a small laptop bag easily.

This will allow you to travel with your favorite instrument and practice more. It has assignable control that has front panel programming. Pitch bend, modulation, and sustain performance buttons are there for making it user-friendly.


  • The keys are very expressive and velocity-sensitive that is musicians’ favorite
  • The process of installation is quite easy
  • It fits in small bags so you have the opportunity to use it and produce music on the go


  • The keys look like it was made of cheap plastic
  • Not that much durable


8.Korg microKEY


A slim and lightweight keyboard is every beginners’ dream. And the KorgmicroKEY keyboard is the manifestation of that dream to create a music lovers’ paradise in a small room. it is the perfect one for that. The proportion of black and white keyboard is well adjusted for being able to play easily.

The velocity-sensitive mini-keys are proportioned for easier playability. Octave shift and key make the full MIDI accessible. A joystick is added for a better impression of your music. It also has sustain or a tap button.




  • The controller is good according to its price
  • Modulation and pitch wheels are very responsive
  • You can use it just an iPad and doesn’t need anything else to power it


  • USB connector becomes faulty after some time but you cannot really complain as it is a cheap investment


9.Arturia MiniLab MkII


Arturia made a huge craze among its users just after its release in 2013. Since then, they did not look back and the popularity went through the roof. For beginners, the keyboard is compact to start with. The velocity behavior and action of the keys are perfect.

So, this is a great start to your affordable music studio. 16 rotary control which is convenient for toggling synth parameters.Intelligent macros that so that you can customize patches.  It comes with useful software to make your experience even better.  It includes two clickable pot



  • It is very light and slim but still hits sweet spots without a problem
  • Portable and easy to work with
  • The keys are much better now than the previous one
  • Its quite helpful for learning the basics and your way around music and synthesis


  • The touch strip controller may not be suitable for some users


10.Nektar Impact LX25+


For the experienced musicians and professionals playing a keyboard may seem like a piece of cake. But when a person with zero knowledge of music tries, he quickly understands that in reality, you are all alone in this rough journey. So it will be the best decision to make a good keyboard your companion.

Nektar Impact LX25+ can be your musical best friend here is how. It is one of the best among other Mini MIDI Keyboard Controllers at the same range. The semi-weighted keyboard can be a problem if you are a pianist. The keys are synth-action having medium tension. There are 8 pads and endless rotary knobs. The transport control makes playing seamless. The drums pad lights up when pressed



  • The keys don’t have a bounce back feeling at all
  • You can transpose the keys to shift the notes up or down
  • You won’t even need to use the mouse


  • Does not have semi-weighted keys
  • Larger for a 25 key controller




When Midi controllers first struck the music enthusiasts in the early ’80s, many were skeptical. They didn’t seem to grasp what is exactly a controller has to do with music production. it was considered to be something that is more explored by the amateurs. But over time the Midi controllers have emerged as one of the best pieces of gear to have at your arsenal. It’s due to the extreme versatility and usefulness it has. In this article, we have picked the top mini midi keyboard controller which are by all means considered as best the mini midi controller. So take your pick and get ready to rock some melodies.



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