About Us

What is the no one problem people face when you want to build a home studio or purchasing any musical instruments?

Not knowing what or how to approach it. Indecision is considered as the main thing that gets people to procrastinate.

So, do you want to build a home studio but don’t know where to start? Don’t let the endless list and procedures of setting up a home studio scare of the musicians inside. Most musicians want to work in serenity and peace. But finding all the right equipment for studio and setting them up can seem like a never-ending hassle.

Buildhomestudio.com has been created to make sure that you don’t get to lost into the process and let your creativity suffers meanwhile

So here we are, all our efforts are meant to put together all the resources you will need to build a home studio. Not just that, we will always be pushing boundaries that are necessary to remove. We do it for spreading information related to music and musical instruments. We wish everything to be readily available to fellow musicians and our audience.

Our end goal is here is precise and straightforward, to make music and making music easier and enjoyable for every music enthusiast. We want to provide adequate resources no matter what your budget might be.

What happens is that music enthusiast they often face indecision. Mostly when they are purchasing different types of musical instruments or and audio and video gears. Hence they get confused. All the dry technicalities can eventually kill motivation. It \happens more than quite often.

Here you can be relieved of going through all the daunting technical stuff. We will be taking care of that for everyone. But why should you trust us, you may ask yourself.

We want people to have an honest take about things related to music. We also provide the most honest opinion about various gears and musical instruments.

But above all, we are driven by our love for music. We want everyone to have the chance to build a home studio easily and conveniently. We want to prove that it doesn’t always have to be expensive gears or fancy words that are thrown around. We prefer to make everything about it easier to understand. Like we featured the affordable but best of the Audio Interface available right now Under 200$ here..


But we made sure to include gears and instruments which are high in quality, yet affordable.

But have you been wondering how exactly we pick the products? Well, at first we identify what products are most necessary for our audience. Then we make a list of the best products for our audience and musicians. Then we make sure to research and test each product individually. We proceed to write up all the necessary information so that you don’t need to look elsewhere.


like you can see here





As music is all about passion, it is our responsibility to keep your love ongoing and also put your money into proper use.